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Redefining the Weekend Mom

Why Rehtom?
Rehtom (pronounced rhythm) was founded out of a desire to redefine the weekend-mom. It’s based on the notion that while mother’s often have the responsibility of shuttling their kids to their weekend-activities, she can do this without losing her sense of style.

Think about the image that comes to your mind when you think of a “soccer mom”. What kind of car does she drive? What kind of clothes does she wear? What is her demeanor? Now FLIP THAT ON IT’S HEAD!

We strive to amplify the woman beneath the “mother” title. She is comfortable yet fashionable. Always there to support her child but bringing her own sense of identity as well. She is cheering from the stands or sitting quietly on the field. You notice her presence without her having to say a word. She is the REHTOM Woman!

Our Story
As a wife, professional, and mother of two very busy sons, Ayanna’s weekends are jam packed with trying to fit in kids activities, time with her mommy friends and date night. Almost every weekend is spent traveling to and sitting through her children’s sports activities. Oftentimes she is running from those sporting events
to grab groceries, meet up with her girlfriends or an appointment with a client.
One weekend, while preparing for a tournament, Ayanna was packing her suitcase with the standard black and gray sweatsuit and it just felt BLAH! She was tired of the lame basketball-mom uniform she had developed and wanted to spice things up. So she and her husband created a statement piece (camo jacket) which is what gave birth to Rehtom.

Our Mission
The mission of Rehtom is about creating statement apparel and accessories for the fashion-forward weekend mom. We want women to create easy, style-elevating, statement pieces that accentuate the weekend mom wardrobe with a punch! We want women to feel comfortable being a part of the crowd, sitting in the stands, cheering for her kids but not afraid to live out loud and swim in her own lane.

Who is the Rehtom Woman?
She is confident, bold and she marches to the beat of her own drum. She is the rhythm in her kids’ life. She is the drum beat that instills confidence in her children because she has a confidence all her own.